R.A.C.E.-Approved Continuing Education

Getting On Top of Skin Infections: R.A.C.E.-Approved #20-797127 1.0 CE

Presented By: Dr. Rebecca Mount, DVM Course Description: In this program the participant will be exposed to the normal skin and its function as a barrier, factors that predispose the patient to bacterial pyoderma, topical therapy institution for the management of bacterial pyoderma, and five case presentations where we discuss topical case management.

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Building A Pain Management Pyramid for Pets: R.A.C.E.-Approved #20-765581 1.0 CE

Presented By: Dr. Robin A. Downing, DVM Course Description: Pain in pets is critically important, but it is complex and scientifically intriguing. Both acute and chronic pain in pets can be clinically challenging and easy to overlook because of the ability of dogs and cats to mask and hide their pain from us. Pain management is essential medicine, and better pain management is better medicine. This webinar focuses on building an effective, multimodal pain plan for pets.

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