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1.0 CE

It’s only skin deep…or is it? How to employ multimodal management for severe dermatologic diseases

The course will cover how to manage difficult, severe skin conditions that go beyond the typical pyoderma. We will cover important aspects of the diagnostic work up and numerous therapeutic options from the tried and true to the new and exciting. We will reach beyond steroids and antibiotics to discuss how multimodal treatment plans can lead to happier pets and happier owners.
Course is sponsored by Vetoquinol on the DVM360 Website; course page will be directed to the DVM360 website.

1.0 CE

Pesky Pyoderma: Appropriate Diagnosis and Treatment Options

Educate on the clinical signs of pyoderma, how to perform cytology, and appropriate treatment options.

Presented by: Dr. Ashley Bourgeois, DVM, Dip ACVD
R.A.C.E – Approved #20-903854 1.0 CE

2.0 CE

Fluorescence Biomodulation: From Theory to Practical Applications

Provides a brief history of the use of light for therapeutic purposes; review the science behind fluorescence biomodulation and present examples of applications where this innovative technology is being successfully used in human medicine.

Presented by: Dr. Oscar Fantini, DVM
R.A.C.E – Approved #20-797839 2.0 CE

1.0 CE

Getting on top of skin infections: Utilizing topicals for management of common skin infections

Explore the normal skin and its function as a barrier, factors that predispose the patient to bacterial pyoderma, topical therapy institution for the management of bacterial pyoderma, and five case presentations where we discuss topical case management.

Presented by: Dr. Rebecca Mount, DVM, DACVD
R.A.C.E – Approved #20-797127 1.0 CE

1.0 CE

Building A Pain Management Pyramid for Pets

Pain management is essential medicine, and better pain management is better medicine. This webinar focuses on building an effective, multimodal pain plan for pets.

Presented By: Robin A. Downing, DVM, MS, DACVSMR, DAAPM, CVPP, CCRP-CV
R.A.C.E – Approved #20-765581 1.0 CE


Punch Biopsy in Dermatologic Diseases

This webinar will review indications and strategies for punch biopsies.


Adapting to a New Normal in the Face of COVID-19: Behavioral Health Solutions and Zylkene

Learn about some simple ways to keep pet stress-free and how Zylkene® can help.


Reducing Microbes: Vetoquinol Disinfectant Selection and Use in the Veterinary Hospital

Learn about our product range as well as the applications for each, including which products have been tested and labeled as effective against Human Coronavirus.


Vetoquinol Solutions for Osteoarthritis and Pain

Dive into a refresher on the signs of pain and OA as well as solutions that are available to pet owners who want to keep their dogs and cats active, healthy and pain-free!

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